Well well well... what do we have here? 😏 Better start following @F1MobileRacing and get ready for something big at 11am tomorrow 🕚


Codemasters were proud sponsors of this year's @BrainsEden Game Jam! Alongside sponsorship, we sent three mentors to help the Jammers create their games - here's how they got on! >>>


RT @BrainsEden: Mark Green, from @Codemasters, is here at the careers clinic. He said: “I’m loving being here at the 10th anniversary of Br…


ICYMI: F1 Mobile Racing began its soft launch process this week! 🎆 Players in Thailand and the Philippines can check out a work-in-progress version on the App Store, as we refine the game ahead of a global launch in the near future 🌍 Stay tuned for more news very soon! 📰


RT @onrushgame: So, football’s not coming home today 😢 BUT... #ONRUSH can! You can play it for free on @Xbox right now! And, you can pic…