Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Codemasters Studio, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was established in 2006 as the first production facility for this long-standing games company that was opened outside of the UK.

Set-up initially as a 3D art and animation house to support the growing content needs of the head-office facility in Southam, UK, Codemasters KL grew steadily over the years providing high quality content exclusively for Codemasters’ Triple-A game titles and a small number of third party studios around the world.

As of 2015, Codemasters in KL has provided large amounts of art content for well over 20 titles, including two British BAFTA Award-Winning games and totalling more than 25 million in unit sales for console and PC alone. In 2015 Codemasters released their very first NextGen console game for Playstation 4™ and Xbox-One™ by way of their on-going licensed franchise of the Official Formula 1 games, which have proven to be one of their strongest selling titles.

Codemasters KL has been staffed by local Malaysian and international management, administration and art staff many of whom have nearly two decades experience in the industry and bring a very well-seasoned approach to world-class games production. This has made the studio not only highly effective and efficient but also able to produce some of the best graphics content of any game studio in the world, on schedule, within budget and easily to the satisfaction of the demanding industry quality standards.

A unique aspect of Codemasters KL is that since 2009 the studio has delivered many formats of professional training programs in Games Art Development. This has produced several of the studio’s top-level artists and it also fuels the local talent pool in the games industry in the Malaysia region. Codemasters KL also has several on-going training and course consultation relationships with college and university staff, students and interns, thus contributing in practical, industry-relevant ways to the job-readiness of local graduates. Close ties with funding bodies, government departments, including the Ministry of Education have helped widen this positive contribution to the industry.

Codemasters KL continues to strive to create the best quality games content possible and develop highly competent industry-relevant staff whilst expanding its repertoire and portfolio.

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