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Meet Colin Nicholls- Read his profile below

Principal Level Designer

  1. What’s your current role at Codemasters and how long have you been with the Company?

    I’m currently employed as a Principal Level Designer in the Birmingham digital team, I have been working for Codemasters since 2008.

  2. What’s a typical working day?

    My typical day starts with syncing with the latest build of the project and catching up with the progress of the level design team. Due to the nature of game development and our team structure the rest of my day can vary, I might be designing and reviewing environments or I might be creating animations for gameplay features or even developing game mechanics.

  3. What did you do before joining Codemasters?

    I worked as a level designer for Swordfish Studios.

  4. What has been your favourite memory whilst working at Codemasters?

    Going to the British Grand Prix Qualifying session in 2011 with Paddock access.

  5. What makes Codemasters different?

    The team works together in a friendly casual and fun atmosphere.

  6. What would be one piece of advice for someone who is interested in applying for your role?

    The best advice I can give to anyone looking to get my role is to be open minded and flexible about what you do, my job isn’t purely focused on level design but could involve anything from balancing a game mechanic, to helping out the art team, but obviously it’s very dependent on your skill set.

  7. What’s your favourite game?

    As a gamer I love shooters, if I had to pick one it would probably have to be the Halo series.

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