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Meet Joel Beardshaw- Read his profile below

Experienced Level Designer-

  1. What’s your current role at Codemasters and how long have you been with the Company?

    I am an Experienced Level Designer, and I have been working at Codemasters for 6 years and 6 months! Over that time I have worked on range of projects from Operation Flashpoint to F1 Race Stars, on PC, Consoles and Mobile.

  2. What’s a typical working day?

    Getting in and having some porridge, before having a morning “scrum” with the rest of the design team to plan out what to do in the day. What I do during the day changes depending on how far through a project we are. Near the beginning of a project it includes lots of brainstorming and writing up proposals, in the middle I am creating levels in 3DSmax and setting up game systems in our tools, and towards the end we have lots of play testing and tweaks to get the tracks and game systems feeling just right.

  3. How did you hear about Codemasters and the role?

    Swordfish Studios, whom I worked for at the time, was bought by Codemasters in 2008, and I was excited to get a chance to try new things on the Operation Flashpoint team.

  4. What would be one piece of advice for someone who is interested in applying for your role?

    Make stuff! Whatever you want to do in games, try making that in your own time but on a smaller scale. The tools out there make it easier than it’s ever been to work in games, and learning the tools and the problems you will run into (which you always will) does nothing but help you to be ready to hit the ground running when you start your job. Also, you’ll have made something cool!

  5. What’s your favourite game?

    The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening for the Gameboy. It’s the first Zelda game I ever played, and it opened my eyes to how mysterious and alive a game world can be made to feel. There are secret nooks and crannies to find throughout, and everything adds together to make it feel like a island on which you are having a grand adventure.

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