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Senior Artist

  1. What’s your current role at Codemasters and how long have you been with the Company?

    I guess my official role is Senior Environment artist working on Micro Machines mobile. Although working within such a small team we get to do allot of other cool work too, currently I'm working on the vehicles, designing, building and texturing. Not to mention promotional posters and other front end things. I have been working at this studio for the last twenty years, just over five of those for Codemasters.

  2. What's a typical working day?

    A typical working day would be anything but typical. You are doing something different almost all the time. One day it might be designing a new set of vehicles, Moon buggy today sir? Another day you could be building and texturing some cheese ramps for the breakfast level or a huge robot head birthday cake. Other days you might have to make things explode or set on fire. All very exciting.

  3. What did you do before joining Codemasters?

    Before joining Codemasters I worked right here at Swordfish Studios and Rage before that. I took a small break from making games back in 2007 to make children’s television shows but came back to video games in 2009.

  4. What do you like best about working at Codemasters?

    The thing I like most about working at Codemasters are my team mates. Working within a small group of friends, making a fun video game that someone else is going to enjoy is very fulfilling. A great bunch of lads, which reminds me of making games back in the 90's.

  5. What makes Codemasters different?

    Having been part of the games industry since 1994 I can say that most companies are pretty much the same just with a different wrapper. However since my time at Codies I have worked on and had released no fewer than six games. That's pretty amazing, the variety too has made a difference.

  6. What would be one piece of advice for someone who is interested in applying for your role?

    My advice to someone interested is applying for my role is this "It's not all about drawing a pretty picture although that helps. It's about working together as a merry band of devs making a cool game, stay positive and good things will happen".

  7. What’s your favourite game?

    I have lots and lots of favourite games so I think I should tell you what my favourite game is right now. It's "Bloodborne". Bloody hard.

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