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Associate Producer

  1. What’s a typical working day?

    I come into the office, boot my computer and let the emails load in. While that happens I make a coffee and catch up with anyone on the team I need to follow things up with. Or just talk about the latest game/film/tv episode/book people are talking about in the kitchen. When my coffee is made, I go back to my desk where I go through any emails I have and address the ones that need to be. I prefer to catch up in person with the team if I have questions but with a team that spans multiple locations this isn’t always possible. So emails and phone calls are a good way to keep in touch with the whole team. The rest of the day is typically filled with meetings, design sign offs, emails, excel sheets, project files, answering questions from the team, task management; I basically am a bit like a digital conductor ensuring each department works well and has what it needs to get the job done. I sometimes find some time to do some research into the industry and look into what other companies are doing. The best days are when you’re far enough into a project that we run playtests in the team. These really let you see where the project is at and give you a hands on demo of what you’re making. It’s really exciting to play for the first time something you’ve seen go together bit by bit finally be able to be played like a game should be.

  2. What did you do before joining Codemasters?

    I’ve worked in Australia, the UK and Canada in design, project management, quality assurance and production. The only job I haven’t turned a hand to as some point is art. I did a few days bug fixing on an indie project but I think I made more bugs than solved to be honest.. I’ve worked on titles for PC, Nintendo DS, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3 and mobile and tablets. I also have made a few ‘analog’ games and demo’d them at Gen Con and other gaming conventions.

  3. How did you hear about Codemasters and the role?

    I returned to the UK after working in Canada and was looking for a production role that would be a good fit for my life, my experience and my career objectives. I looked at all the major publishers/developers sites and Codemasters was one of them. As my recent experience has been in mobile/tablet games and I’d just helped set up a studio in Canada, I felt the producer role I found on the Codemasters Careers website was one I should apply for. I interviewed at a few places around the UK but I found the people at Codemasters were great at handling my application from the reply to my CV and all throughout the interview process.

  4. What do you like best about working at Codemasters?

    I really like the work environment and team I work with. It’s a very talented group of developers who are each experts in their own field. The level of professionalism is high and everyone knows what needs to be done to get their tasks and the game completed. Everyone is happy to talk to you about what they are doing and demo it if possible and there is a strong pride in work that goes into each and every line of code, coloured pixel, design document and bug report. It’s great to work with such a motivated and proud team of developers as it makes my job a lot easier.

  5. What is your favourite perk or benefit?

    I really appreciate the flexi hours. It allows me to make appointments and get my life chores done around my work hours without having to take holidays or time off.

  6. What makes Codemasters different?

    It’s a big enough company to get an ‘oh yeah’ from family and friends when you say you work for Codemasters, but small enough that you never fell like another cog in the machine.

  7. What would be one piece of advice for someone who is interested in applying for your role?

    Don’t! I love my job and working at Codemasters :) But if you want to become part of the production team at Codemasters and join me as a developer conductor I’d say you really need to know what you are talking about. You need to have great in depth knowledge about the products you’ve worked on, what each part of team did, how the product did in release, how was it received by press and audience; all that good stuff. As a producer at Codemasters you’ll be working with some really intelligent and talented people and helping get the best out of them. So you really need to understand people management, project management and the business and processes of games development.

  8. What’s your favourite game?

    Right now it’d have to Football Manager. I love football and support teams from around the world and I’m also a sports coach and manager in my spare time so it hits all of my key engagement zones. But it really depends on the mood I’m in and what I feel like playing. As I’m working on mobile and tablet titles at Codemasters, I love booting up my iPhone every Thursday/Friday to see what new games are out and give them a try too.

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