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  1. How do you set up a controller in Grid?

    A) Firstly make sure that your controller is plugged in and functioning correctly in Windows and that you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the device from the manufacturer's website. You should also ensure that no schemes or profiles are running for your controller and that you have the latest patch for the game installed. This is available from

    B) If you have a steering wheel, make sure that your pedals are set to Separate Mode (not combined).

    C) If you are using an Xinput device please be aware that, while the PC version of GRID supports the use of Xinput devices (see below for examples of these), it will not fully support the situation where more than one of these devices are plugged in.

    Xinput devices that have been tested to work with GRID on PC are:

    Microsoft?s Xbox 360 controller pad
    Microsoft?s Xbox 360 wireless wheel
    Logitech?s DriveFX Axial Feedback Wheel for Xbox 360

    There shouldn?t be a requirement for more than one of these devices to be plugged in, as the user will be able to control all aspects of the game (menus, racing and replay) with any one of these devices. 

    D) Grid will automatically configure the following devices to work with the game....

    Microsoft X360 controller
    Logitech G25
    Logitech MOMO
    Logitech Driving Force Pro
    Thrustmaster RGT Force Feedback Pro 

    E) If you are using a different device, are having problems with one of the above controllers, or wish to change the default game settings you will need to use the customer configuration option.

    How to create a custom configuration for your controller...

    You should be able to configure your controller by following these steps:

    1) Go to the Controller configuration screen and press left or right to get to the Custom Configuration panel.
    2) Press the Control key to enter edit mode.
    3) Press Enter on the game action that you want to configure, and a question mark in a circle will appear. This shows that the game is waiting for you to input the controller action that you want.
    4) Perform the appropriate controller action (e.g. press the accelerator) and it will appear in place of the question mark.
    5) Repeat the above steps for all the actions you want to set up.
    6) When you're finished back out (with Escape)
    7) Your profile should be saved and your controller should now work in the game.

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