“You’ll love every minute!” - Reviews Roar in for DiRT Showdown!

Since DiRT Showdown crashed into stores last week the reviews have been rolling in, so we thought we’d share up just some of the love Codemasters Racing Studios’ latest racer has been getting from the press. loved the “dents, scrapes and screams of vehicular mayhem” in the game, awarding DiRT Showdown a sweet 8.5/10.

“You’ll love every minute,” say, scoring the game an 8/10. “Brilliant Racing,” they added, and who are we to disagree?

Meanwhile, praised the “over the top and deliciously addictive destruction” in its glowing 8/10 review.

Don’t just take their word for it though – head to your local store to pick up your copy today or get a quick fix by downloading the demo from Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Steam.

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