Common misconceptions as to what ERS stands for: ❌ Electronic Race System ⚡ ❌ Extra Rotation Speed 🔄 ❌ Eeep, Ravioli Scary! 🍝 Confused about ERS? Check out our guide and how it can benefit each of your #F12020game races 👇


This weekend marks the official 70th Anniversary of @F1 #F170 🎉 To celebrate, we took @LewisHamilton’s striking black @MercedesAMGF1 W11 around @SilverstoneUK for a hot lap on #F12020game - the track where it all began 💭 Think he’ll make it four in a row on Sunday? 🏆


True or False? 🤔 The 'Racing Line' was founded in 1931 by Sir Henry R. Line, featuring in a local Warwickshire paper. Each entry included a poem about his love of motor vehicles 📰 Catch up on the latest Codemasters news, in the modern Racing Line |