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About us

Codemasters have been making iconic games for over 30 years. We’re a world-leader in the development of racing titles spanning three UK studios, one in Kuala Lumpur and acquiring Slightly Mad Studios’ global team in 2019. Having developed some of the most played and adored motorsport titles in the world, we are home to titles including the DiRT and DiRT Rally series, GRID, Project Cars, World Rally Championships plus the official games of FORMULA ONE™. In 2021 our unrivalled evolution afforded us the accolade of becoming proud members of the iconic EA Sports business.

Ask anyone at Team Codies what the secret to our success is and they’ll tell you it’s the people. Our culture is inspiring, dynamic, supportive and inclusive, fostering an environment of creativity and curiosity. Our team has reached where we are today by sharing a passion to make the greatest racing games in the world.

Where we’re going

Our first 30 years as an independent, ambitious developer allowed us to learn and grow with the people who are Codemasters. We continue to build and support talented teams toward an even more exciting future and are always seeking what we can achieve next. Now as part of EA, there are no limits to how our racing heritage will evolve.

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Office Locations


Heritage has a deep foundation at Codies and HQ is a truly special place. Nestled in the rolling Warwickshire countryside, a mere stone’s throw from the cool, classy, tech-hub of Leamington Spa, it’s a unique experience to work here. The shiny stuff includes a brand new free onsite gym, top-notch eatery, our own footy pitch and a lake (yep, that’s right – we’ve got a lake). There’s even the Darling’s original period cottage here in amongst the newly refurbished purpose-built studio. We’re convinced there’s a ghost floating around the grounds too, probably having a quick blast on the DiRT 4 set-up in reception every midnight.

Office Locations


This tight-knit, high-calibre team is bursting full of creativity and expertise – and as developers with a heritage working on the likes of DRIVECLUB and MotorStorm, the team are already firmly on the map of racing excellence.

Joining Codemasters in 2016, Cheshire is home to the critically acclaimed ONRUSH: the new high-octane, all-action arcade racer game born June 2018. It’s a perfect fit for the dynamic, enthusiastic and dedicated team, and the ambitious racer is right at the forefront of innovation with its new engine and new tech. Representing Codemasters’ commitment to a solid foothold in the northern games community, you’d be hard-pushed to find a more talented, supportive bunch of people.

Office Locations


Our Birmingham team are busy working away on our official FORMULA 1™ series in a brand new location at Alpha Tower.

When it comes to our F1 franchise, our faithfulness to its complex and highly-regulated racing offers an unparalleled experience, taking players closer to the cockpit than ever before. Being a technical sport with lots of variables, the studio is set up to deal with the challenges that brings – with a super social, collaborative atmosphere conductive to boundary-pushing development work.

Office Locations

Kuala Lumpur

Codemasters home here is Plaza Sentral, a cutting-edge business complex set in the Kl Sentral district of the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is set amongst luxury hotels, condos, and malls, and is just a short walk from Sentral Station, where autonomous trains zip along overhead, making it one of the most connected and desirable business locations in the country.
Nearby Brickfields is Malaysia’s little India with scores of Indian shops, and restaurants with a Southern Indian Flavour, whilst countless other palettes are catered for by a vast array of eateries nearby. Just beyond the city limits, tropical islands, beaches, and pristine virgin rainforests beckon and seduce…

Amidst the bustle and tropical heat, cool heads on the 14th floor build worlds and dream machines for multiple Codemasters projects. The atmosphere is tranquil, friendly and harmonious. The studio attracts industry veterans from all over the world but also has a proud reputation for nurturing new talent and has launched countless careers.

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