Photo of Kevin Thomas, Web Designer

Kevin Thomas

Joined in 2007

Web Designer

Photo of Dan Hawkins	, E-Sports Co-ordinator

Dan Hawkins

Joined in 2018

E-Sports Co-ordinator

Photo of Jenny Marshall, Social Media Manager

Jenny Marshall

Joined in 2015

Social Media Manager

Photo of Thomas Stenson, Game Analyst

Thomas Stenson

Joined in 2017

Game Analyst

Life at Codemasters

As one of the largest independent games studios on the planet, you’ll never get lonely working here at Codemasters. Our teams are a diverse and talented bunch, close-knit, hard-working and super-friendly. At every turn there’s someone to inspire with a fresh new idea to bounce around, new tech innovations pushing boundaries, or incredible artwork pouring into beautiful games.

A core driver for many working with Team Codies is just how cool the projects are. Our IP portfolio already covers a huge breadth of racing titles, with more in development too. All this means that Codemasters provides expansive and varied opportunities which might just surprise you. And naturally, we have an ongoing commitment to embrace the latest tech, empowering development with grand-scale innovation.

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Open Vacancies

Open Vacancies

Do you have the talent to be part of the journey? We’re a diverse bunch with eclectic skills, backgrounds and talents, and as such we welcome all to apply to Team Codies.

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Careers at Codemasters Perks and Benefits

Careers at Codemasters

We don’t blame you for wanting a career in the games industry. Sure, we might be slightly biased – but we think it’s a great place to be. Believe us when we say we understand your passion and desire to make that first step – we were all there once, and so we know how insurmountable it can feel from the outside looking in. Luckily for you, we’re a people first organisation; we know what can be achieved with the right working environment and mentors, and we’re here to give you that first nourishing experience.

At Codies we are passionate about investing in new talent. We have an extensive network of universities and are increasing our presence at graduate events to offer inspiration, information and of course, opportunities to join us.

Perks and Benefits

We believe in development and training too – and always have an open door to newcomers to the industry, so you’ll find us at Universities and events around the country talking to the next generation of Team Codies.

Management here is actively supportive, and everyone has a ton of respect for the leadership team. They’re an inspiring combination of visionary and down-to-earth, whose doors are always open for a chat about our latest projects and products.