Codemasters® has, once again, partnered with the UK government and Public Health England to drive public awareness messages in DIRT 5™, DiRT Rally 2.0™ and GRID®.

‘Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives’ reiterates the continued importance of following guidelines wherever possible. The Better Health ‘Every Mind Matters’ campaign offers support for mental wellbeing through the Mind Plan. By answering five quick questions participants get a personalised action plan with practical tips to help deal with stress and anxiety, boost mood, sleep better and feel more in control.

Collaborating with Bidstack, geo-targeted banners are delivered in-game to UK players through its digital advertising platform. The ads replace text and images on trackside materials such as flags and billboards with mental wellbeing prompts developed by Public Health England, and the Stay Home message from UK government.

“We’re delighted to continue being able to support government messaging, whilst we look forward to lockdown easing,” said John Merchant, Marketing Director at Codemasters. “It’s great being able to use our games to direct players to mental wellbeing advice. Even if we can help just one person then this has been a worthwhile addition.”

“We’re really proud to be working with the UK Government, Public Health England and our partners Codemasters again to reach audiences that might not have engaged with these important messages across other media channels,” said James Draper, Bidstack’s CEO. “Delivering health messages, and particularly those around mental wellbeing in what is a trying time for many people, is something we are delighted our tech can offer. For those in need of support it has the potential to make a huge difference.”

For more information, please visit,, or search ‘Mind Plan.’

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