In an alternate present, vast swathes of America have become no-go areas as the devastating effects of global warming ravage the continent.

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FUEL, a racing game set in a vast open world, raced onto PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in 2009 when it was published by Codemasters. Set in an alternative present where the world had been wrecked by the effects of climate change, FUEL focussed on extreme racing on an epic scale.

Featuring an ambitious 5,000 square miles for players to explore (a Guinness World Record at the time), racers were pitted against fearsome weather in buggies, trucks, and an assortment of fierce-looking off-road vehicles.
FUEL also gave players a chance to collect tonnes of unlockables from around the world’s huge map, including vehicles, skins, helmets, and driver clothing.

Supporting a competitive multiplayer mode for 2-16 players, and a co-op multiplayer mode supporting 2-4 players, the title flourished online.

Jun 2nd, 2009

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