Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID.

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Grid 2

GRID 2, the long-awaited sequel to Race Driver: GRID, drifted onto PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. The title brought with it a brand new World Series Racing Championship, which saw the greatest cars, drivers and events all coming together in the search for a new motorsport icon. You would have to prove yourself in a variety of racing disciplines such as circuit, drifting and street before claiming the title.

The innovative Live Routes system saw street circuits dynamically change as the player raced, meaning that they would have to think on their feet and rely on split second reactions rather than learning the circuit.

Heralded at release as a title that “could be the best racer of this gen” by Official PlayStation Magazine, the game gained particular plaudits for its audio – IGN’s Luke Reilly said: “Codemasters has done an exceptional job with the audio. There’s a pleasing rawness to the engines, and the sound of the tyres thumping across different surfaces doesn’t go unnoticed.”

May 27th, 2013
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