DiRT Rally 2.0

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  • I am having online connection issues with the game

    NOTE. The links on this page will take you to external websites, which are not affiliated with Codemasters.

    You can check if there are any reported server issues on our Twitter feeds…

    Dirt Game
    Formula One Game
    Grid Game

    If there are no reported issues with our servers then we can also check your platform’s (PSN, Xbox, Steam etc) status from the following links…

    For further troubleshooting, please ensure that your connection is unrestricted and all ports are open as per the advice on the following links….

    Xbox One



    You will also need to open ports TCP and UDP port 3074.

    PC users should also ensure that you have fully updated Windows (including all service packs). We recommend using Windows 10 for all games that support this version of Windows.

  • Controller / wheel setup instructions for PC

    Firstly make sure that your controller is plugged in and functioning correctly in Windows and that you have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the device from the manufacturer’s website.

    You should also ensure that no schemes or profiles are running for your controller. If you are using a wheel with pedals, we recommend that you use the ‘separate’ axis
    options for your pedals, rather than the ‘combined’ option. See your wheel/pedal documentation for further information on this.

    Can you also check Steam’s controller settings (Steam > Settings > Controller > General Controller settings) and make sure all boxes are un-ticked.

    If you are using one of the supported controllers and press start on this controller when prompted at the welcome screen of the game, then it should be automatically configured. Otherwise do as follows…

    A) From the game’s main menu use your controller or the keyboard F3 / F4 keys to select “Options & Extras”.

    B) Now using your controller or the keyboard arrow keys select “Input”.

    C) To choose the device you wish to change or configure, highlight it using the arrow keys and then press enter. To select this device to be your primary device, press F1 whilst it is highlighted.

    D) If your device is not recognised you will be taken to the Advanced
    Settings where you must choose the type of controller you are using
    (e.g. steering wheel, joystick etc.) before configuring it.

    E) You can define each control individually from the “Input Bindings” menu as follows…

    1) Press Enter on the game action that you want to configure, and “Waiting…” will appear. This shows that the game is waiting for you to input the controller action that you want.
    2) Perform the appropriate controller action (e.g. press the accelerator) and it will appear in place of “Waiting…”
    3) Repeat the above steps for all the actions you want to set up.
    4) When you’re finished choose “Apply”.
    5) Your profile should be saved and your controller should now work in the game. Choose “Back” to return to the previous menu.

    F) You can select the controller’s force feedback or vibration options from the “Vibration and Feedback” menu. When finished, select “Apply” and then “Back” to return to the previous menu.

    G) You can setup the way your controller responds from the “Advanced Settings” menu. Details of each option appear in the readme (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\DiRT Rally 2.0\readme\). When finished, select “Apply” and then “Back” to return to the previous menu.

    H) You can set the transmission options (if you have an H-Shifter and/or clutch for example) from the Game Settings > Assists menu.

    Additional information on the controller setup in the game can be found on the following link…

    Multi Input Device System for Dirt Rally 2.0

  • Which controllers and wheels are officially supported by Dirt Rally 2.0?

    The controllers listed on the following page are fully supported by the game…

    Supported Peripheral List

    Please note that the above is a list of officially supported
    controllers. If your controller is not in the above list it may still
    work with the game either fully or with limited functionality but it is
    not officially supported. When using an unsupported wheel or pedals, you
    will need to edit an existing controller preset and define each action
    yourself, as the game will not recognise your device automatically.

  • I don’t seem to have all of the dlc that I should have for my version of the game on PS4.

    The error:

    When a player attempts to use downloadable content in My Team, an
    error message may appear saying that they are “Missing Entitlements”.
    This could be caused by a few things:
    The DLC content isn’t installed on your PlayStation 4.
    The DLC content is installed on your PlayStation 4, but the game cannot find it on the console.
    The DLC content is tied to a player’s primary PlayStation 4, and they’re playing the game on a secondary console.

    Checking that the content is installed on the console:

    First, let’s ensure that the new content is installed on your console.
    Head to [Freeplay] and then to [Time Trial].
    Choose a location and the car(s) you’re trying to access.
    If you can begin the event then the content is installed.
    If you cannot locate the content, head to the PlayStation store to download your purchased content.
    Once you’ve confirmed the content is installed on your console, restart the DiRT Rally 2.0 application and attempt to access it in My Team.

    Restore your PlayStation 4 licenses:

    If the content is installed on your console and you’re still getting
    an error, you may need to refresh the licenses for your content:
    Sign in to your account on PlayStation Network under which you purchased the content.
    From the Home screen, go to [Settings] > [Account Management], and select [Restore Licenses]. Click [OK] when done.
    Go to the [Library] > [Purchased], select the game you’ve purchased the add-on for and select the add-on.

    Access the content on your primary PlayStation 4:

    If the content is installed on your console and you’re still getting
    an error, you may need to set your console as your primary PlayStation

    Here’s how you do that:

    Sign in to your account on PlayStation Network under which you purchased the content.
    From the PS4 Home screen, go to [Settings] and select [Account Management].
    Select [Activate as Your Primary PS4], then [Deactivate] then [Reactivate].
    Once this is done, restart the DiRT Rally 2.0 application and attempt to access your content in My Team.

  • I am unable to save my progress (PC version various games)

    Can you locate your My Games folder. E.g.

    C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\My Games\

    If any of the text in this path uses symbols, or non-standard or non-western characters (e.g. é or ä, or Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Greek/Russian/Arabic) then this will cause this issue.

    If so, please can you create a new Windows username that only features standard western characters and use this to play the game.