F1 2019

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  • I am having online connection issues with the game

    NOTE. The links on this page will take you to external websites, which are not affiliated with Codemasters.

    You can check if there are any reported server issues on our Twitter feeds…

    Dirt Game
    Formula One Game
    Grid Game

    If there are no reported issues with our servers then we can also check your platform’s (PSN, Xbox, Steam etc) status from the following links…

    For further troubleshooting, please ensure that your connection is unrestricted and all ports are open as per the advice on the following links….

    Xbox One



    You will also need to open ports TCP and UDP port 3074.

    PC users should also ensure that you have fully updated Windows (including all service packs). We recommend using Windows 10 for all games that support this version of Windows.

  • I am unable to save my progress (PC version various games)

    Can you locate your My Games folder. E.g.

    C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\My Games\

    If any of the text in this path uses symbols, or non-standard or non-western characters (e.g. é or ä, or Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Greek/Russian/Arabic) then this will cause this issue.

    If so, please can you create a new Windows username that only features standard western characters and use this to play the game.

  • F1 2019 crashes with an EGO Dumper message on PC

    We are seeing reports of this issue when trying to run the game on RTX 3000 graphics cards.
    This information has been passed on to NVIDIA and will hopefully be resolved in a future driver update.
    In the meantime, there are potential workarounds for this issue on the following thread…