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  • I have a question/issue with an EA game or EA Accounts

    Assistance for EA titles is not available from Codemasters. All help for EA games, EA Accounts, EA Data Privacy issues etc. is only available from…

  • Looking for your Codemasters data?

    To make requests about your personal data associated with your Codemasters account or games (such as accessing or deleting your data)…

    1. Click Help and Support
    2. Select Data Privacy under “Game” and choose the type of request you’d like to make 
    3. Follow the instructions on-screen

    If you have a Codemasters account and an EA Account, you’ll still need to follow the steps here to download your EA Account data. 

  • I am interested in getting a job or internship/work experience with Codemasters

    All current career and job information can be found on the careers link…


    Codemasters do not offer work experience or internships at the current time.